The 33rd International Biology Olympiad in Armenia

During the International Group Project 2022 facilitators are going to work online with the team they are assigned to and help them in their scientific work. Facilitators must have the skillset to assist participants in conducting their scientific research and in making a scientific project. This will create a nice environment for skill exchange and brainstorming. Facilitators should guide the teams without participating in the process.


If you are

  • an IBO alumna, 
  • a university student studying Life Sciences / Medicine / Medical Sciences  / Computational Biology / Bioinformatics, etc., 
  • a young professional in Life Sciences / Medicine / Medical Sciences / Computational Biology / Bioinformatics, etc.

    and wish to work with the best Biology students across the world, you can register to be considered for the role of a facilitator by filling in the following
    registration form. (
    The deadline is June 1).



What will you get as a facilitator at IBO?

  • Experience working with the brightest Biology students in the world.
  • Experience leading an international team, developing your organising and team-building skills.
  • Certificate of participation and a good point for your CV.



Responsibilities of Facilitators

  • Connect the students and organise a zoom meeting before IBO 2022 
  • Make sure they maintain connection for future discussions via different platforms (WhatsApp, Viber, Signal, Slack, email, etc).
  • Do brainstorming on the selected topic, create a friendly environment.
  • Make sure the team follows the schedule.
  • Submit the poster on time (by July 1st).
  • Maintain connection with IBO 2022 Organising Committee.