The 33rd International Biology Olympiad in Armenia

In 2020, in addition to theoretical and practical exams, International Group Project (IGP) has been added to IBO. The mission of IGP is to foster scientific curiosity and to identify young talents, who have a strong capability of creative work within an international team.

Within this framework, students work in 4-member groups from different countries on a chosen topic. In 2022, students will work online on one of 5 suggested topics and will prepare a poster presentation.

The teams will present their posters to the juries during the International Group Project poster session on July 15 and the best projects will be awarded. 





  • Biomedicine

Study and find new applications of scientific discoveries in medicine, how would Biology address health and propose ideas for medical sciences.


  • Bionics and Biomimicry

Examine how structures found in nature would be utilised by people in bioengineering and biomechanics or serve as prosthetics.


  • Across Species

Study the relations of species and how they affect the environment. What are the interesting properties of the species and what scientific significance will they make?


  • Molecular and Cell Biology

What molecular mechanisms work in certain physiological conditions? Study them and come up with creative solutions for different cellular processes and their applications in science.


  • Bioinformatics and Artificial Intelligence 

Examine biological data and analyse them with the help of computer tools.